Releasing Your Recording

Rejoice Records is a record label that provides all record label functions. These functions are;

  1. Artist Development – help people interested in music become involved in recording projects and developing their musical talents.
  2. Portfolio Management – ensure that we have a broad and growing portfolio of music albums to edify the soul.
  3. Project Management – coordinate a project from recording through duplication, releasing, and distribution.
  4. Recording – getting musical ideas recorded into a pleasing music listening experience.
  5. Duplication – getting CDs of the recording made.
  6. Distribution – distributing the music albums through various distribution channels.
  7. Marketing – making potential listeners aware of the portfolio of products we offer.
  8. Copyright Management – ensuring that all required copyrights are paid.
  9. Master Use Management – ensuring that other record labels that own music albums receive payment for the use of their recording masters.

For more information, or to inquire about getting your project idea into the Rejoice Records label, please email or complete the form at the link below.

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