Getting Record Label Services

Many times, people go to a studio, make a recording, and then face the question of “how do I get my project distributed?” They may sell them in their local church and to friends, family, and acquaintances, but they desire a broader distribution.

They have become, in essence, their own “record label”. This means they have paid for the cost of recording and CD duplication, and now “own” the albums. They also may have paid all the copyrights. In other cases, they may have not yet paid the copyrights and are looking for someone to do that.

We offer several record label services that other record labels may be interested in using. These include;

  1. Copyright Services – pay for all applicable music publishing licenses.
  2. Distribution – distribute their CD’s through any of our distribution channels
    • Retailer sales of CDs.
    • Commercial Streaming – getting your album on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and many other commercial streaming services and sales outlets.
    • Internal Streaming – getting your album on Rejoicify, our own internal streaming app that just carries traditional gospel music.
  3. Marketing – making potential listeners aware of your project through our website and email newsletters.
  4. Master Use Services – Make sure you get paid the appropriate amount for the use of your recording masters.

For more information, or to inquire about getting record label services, please email or complete the form at the link below.

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