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Rejoice Recording is located in rural Woodford County, IL. It consists of a Live Room, 2 Control Rooms, a Vocal Booth, a Machine Room, and a storage room. In addition, we have an outdoor deck for your comfort while recording.

The Live Room

This large, 40' x 30' studio has a 14' ceiling, hardwood floors, adjustable acoustics, and a piano trap.  The room is acoustically isolated from the outside environment as it is virtually a room within the shell of the larger building. This keeps exterior sounds, such as rain, thunder, and low-flying airplanes from disturbing a recording session. The room is specifically designed for large vocal groups and acoustic instruments. There is natural daylight from eight south-facing windows.  The space comes with a Kawai baby grand piano, an electric piano, and a small electronic keyboard. The room is large enough to accommodate 60 vocalists in a choir configuration. Microphones include AKG C414 and Rode NTK and NT 1000 large diaphragm condenser mics, Neuman KM-84 and 184 small diaphragm condenser mics.

Control Room A

The main 24' x 20' control room has hardwood floors and a large rear-room acoustic trap.  It features a 24 fader Avid D-Control control surface running 48 channels into ProTools Ultimate, a 5.1 Genelec monitor system, and 5 racks of outboard equipment. Plug-ins include a full UAD Suite, Melodyne, and Vienna Symphony. The room also has a Producers console and a large couch.

Machine Room

All equipment that creates heat or noise is located in the Machine Room.  This includes all computers, computer interfaces, amplifiers, cue system, servers, and network equipment. It also includes an MCI 16-track 2” reel-to-reel recorder and a Sony ¼” ½-track tape recorder for playing legacy recordings. This room is kept at a cool 68 degrees F to keep all of the equipment running smoothly.

All power for all studio and control room equipment is run through a 7KVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) not only to provide continuity during a power outage, but also to regenerate all of the rural power.

Vocal Booth

A small 12’ x 6’ room is acoustically treated to serve as an isolated vocal booth.

Control Room B

A small 10’ x 8’ room is set up to do analog reel to reel dubbing to digital and includes a lot of analog processing, including Dolby and DBX noise reduction.

Storage Room

This room contains all of the recording masters accumulated over 46 years of recording.

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