Rejoice Distribution

Rejoice Distribution provides wholesale distribution services of CD’s and album mp3’s through four channels.

  • Retailers. These are businesses that have a registered sales tax number in their state. Retailers pay up-front for CD’s and are asked to keep an adequate supply on hand. In exchange, they receive a 30% discount off our list price. They are collecting and paying sales tax on the CD’s they sell.

  • Distributors. These are individuals that have agreed to distribute CD’s in their congregation in exchange for a 10% distributor’s commission that we pay them at the end of the year for what they sell. We pay Sales Tax for all their sales if they are located in Illinois.

  • Commercial Streaming. We can get your music uploaded to over 40 commercial streaming services (e.g. Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music).

  • Independent Streaming. We have developed our own streaming app, available on both Apple and Android, called Rejoicify. Rejoicify includes most of the music in our portfolio.

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