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July 20, 1933 - May 30, 2007



Sara's Political Life




Sara at Capitol Building, Washington D.C. 1995     Sara DiVito and Elizabeth Dole 1996



Sara with President George Bush 1992




Sara with Bob Dole (left) and Dan Quayle (right)




                             Sara speaking at Christian Coalition events                




Ralph Reed, Sara, William Rusher, John Stewart 1993            Sara with Oliver North 1993




Former Attorney General Ed Meese and Sara                                  Pat Boone, Sara, Robert Hurtt 




 Dede and Pat Robertson, Sara, Rob Hurtt         speaking for Young Americans for Freedom




Sara celebrating presidential victory         Randy Hoffman, Sara DiVito, Congressman David Drier





A Celebration

of Women

by Joann C. Webster

and Karen Davis




Book Description:

'In this collection of original vignettes, essays,

excerpts, and quotes, the writers educate,

equip and empower women to be God's

hope - givers for the twenty-first century.


With advice, lessons, stories and quotes from Star Parker,

Elizabeth Dole, Gloria Copeland, Macel Falwell, Betty Robison,

Jane Hansen, Beverly LaHaye, Janice Shaw Crouse,

Becky Norton Dunlop, Coretta Scott King, Eva Burrows,

Anne Graham Lotz, Joy Strang, Catherine Kroeger,

Evelyn Christenson, Freda Lindsay, Madeline Manning Mims,

Dee Jepson, Mother Teresa, Vonette Bright, Shirley Dobson,

Beth Moore, Sara DiVito Hardman, Margaret Court,

Winne Bartel, Kay Arthur and many, many more.'


Available at Amazon.com










This is how it all started - may come as a surprise to many!



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